At Project Love Coalition:

• We aim to provide permanent affordable healthy housing to homeless veterans and their families. Additionally, we seek to provide a welcoming space which honors and provides support services to those who have served our country while connecting veterans with other community residents and veterans affairs pipelines that enable them to be workforce assets and leaders in neighborhood sustainability.

• We are a grassroots organization which brings arts and veterans together to improve and build an inclusive, sustainable community where peace, dignity and a sense of belonging are among our top priorities. Project Love Coalition aims to create social and economic opportunities that include veterans.

• We welcome all to participate regardless of belief, nationality, age, or gender. Project Love Coalition was originally started by a group of Americans in the Hill District and Homewood community sectors of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Our Mission

Empowering veterans to restore love, pride, and purpose in neighborhoods through STEAM based projects, community building, workforce development, and housing.

Our Vision

It is our hope in Project Love Coalition that people will come together and join hands and hearts to improve the quality of life for veterans who have served our country with honor but are now in need. Solutions to these problems are achievable but will take the collective effort of all people or groups committed to bringing about better conditions for people facing serious crisis. Project Love Coalition aims to bring veterans and other community residents together to identify and implement sustainable solutions to build a more inclusive and diverse community that affords more social and economic opportunities in the areas of arts, housing options, workforce and business development

Join our mission to help our veterans.