Project Love Coalition

What We Do

Capital Campaign

The Agri Trade Institute Resource Center Capital Campaign is a $5 Million endeavor that will provide funding for a new 10,000-Squre-foot resource and engagement center that will be constructed directly along the Centre Avenue economic corridor in the Hill District neighborhood of Pittsburgh, giving our organization the capacity to contribute to the economic revitalization of an up and coming area, provide housing to homeless veterans, hold educational seminars and provide confidential veteran consultation. Additionally, the new resource center will include community engagement operations that will serve as a pick up/drop off site for food and help us bring people together to learn and build in a community.
Capital Campaign Building
Peace and Friendship Farm Plants

Peace and Friendship Farm and Gardens

The Peace and Friendship Farm is a veteran-led urban farm that allows veterans to learn how to operate and manage a working urban farm as entrepreneurs or learn new job skills that enable veterans to grow healthy food using sustainable technology. Located at 678 Somers Street, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15219 in the Hill District, the urban farm site currently offers 2 high tunnels and over 85 raised beds for growing or learning how to grow healthy organic fruits, vegetables, and flowers. The urban farm site also accommodates educational workshops, children’s programming, senior activities, and fun film presentations for safe summertime social engagement! Join the Project Love Coalition in our urban farm and garden activities for the whole community.

Green S.E.N.S.E Housing Collaborative

Project Love Coalition addressed the high level of veterans at risk of being homeless by taking the lead to initiate Green S.E.N.S.E., which aims to build worker housing that would be sustainable, healthy, permanent, affordable housing for veterans in the Hill District neighborhood of central Pittsburgh. PLC’s housing program is based on the “Housing First” model to put veterans in a safe environment to continue getting the help they need. The vision of the PLC’s housing program is to support veterans and ensure safe and appropriate housing for them and their families; teaching new, marketable job skills that capitalize on their creativity; and connecting them with one another and with the broader community. PLC is currently seeking people to help in these sustainable green housing development efforts, including access to land, equipment, and capital.
Housing Collaborative Program
Green S.E.N.S.E. Agricultural Initiative

Green S.E.N.S.E. Agricultural Initiative

PLC is actively engaged in agricultural activities for veterans. Green S.E.N.S.E. seeks to develop sustainable solutions, building partnerships and establishing food systems that create opportunities for veterans and their families. This green initiative incorporates collaborative partnerships to identify sustainable eco-friendly niche systems for entrepreneurs. Green S.E.N.S.E. is focused on creating entrepreneurial opportunities, jobs, providing sustainable worker housing options, access to healthy foods in disinvested communities, and how to pursue profitable niche markets such as clean energy, organic honey and grains or agriculture tourism. Our work begins by teaching veterans who seek to do better but are unfortunately homeless, were formerly homeless, or traumatized by combat and in danger of becoming homeless. Green S.E.N.S.E. understands that agriculture is a therapeutic way to heal our heroes who have stood in defense of our great nation and now need our help.

Collaboration and Gardens

The Project Love Coalition and its Green S.E.N.S.E. initiative is actively exploring agri-business and agriculture industry program activities which can provide healing therapy and economic opportunities for veterans.

Additionally, PLC has several garden sites which offer activities that bring community residents together to create and maintain public green spaces by planting flowers and other native plants to remove blight, improve public safety, and awesome spaces to socially gather in neighborhoods.

PLC is currently seeking people to help develop an enhanced model training program to encourage veteran engagement in agricultural pursuits, particularly concerning small and medium-size farms and agribusiness, such as the provision of education and training to veterans and the development of skills leading to job placement and career opportunities in farming, including access to land (40 to 1,000 acres), equipment, and capital.

A close up of plants growing at Peace and Friendship Farm